Technical Analysis Of Silver In February 2018


It seems like none of the business is doing quite okay these days. The silver market is fluctuating too but as compared to the DAX it’s less volatile. A market is trying to build the momentum where it can break the level of $16.50.

If you have the patience to wait for a while then you should buy silver now and keep it for the time until prices are good enough to sell.

It may take time to build such environment where silver can break the barrier and finally move above a certain price.

Keep an eye on USD market because as soon as USD will fall, silver prices are going to shoot as much as they can.

You can relate silver and USD with each other in terms of price fluctuation. For the long time investment, this is the best opportunity to buy silver physically and sit back.

Update yourself on the current situation of the market and if this is the right point where you should invest in silver at the lowest point.

You can have a massive profit once prices are all set to get up. There is still a resistance when it comes to the price breaking above $17 but soon the market will be able to achieve it.

At this point, nobody can predict what’s gonna happen in future but if you will invest in silver then definitely you are going to have some handsome profit out of it. Buy silver and wait for the time when it will go above $17 and you can sell it off in the market.


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