Ripple XRP Is More Volatile Than Gold, Ethereum and Bitcoin


Ripple is a company which uses blockchain technology for the global payment transfer is the biggest holder of token XRP and XRP is known as the third largest crypto asset in the world.

XRP is affordable in value and due to the adoptions by major firms and banks XRP token is valuable. Due to the adoptions of major banks, XRP is getting more popular and valuable.

Traders and investors are giving attention to this cryptocurrency for quick payment transfer across a border and due to the increasing value. From September to December 2017 Ripple (XRP) increased 2000% which considered to be a peak of a coin.

XRP has proved itself to be more volatile than gold or any other asset in the world. There were speculations that Ethereum is the most volatile asset which was not stable in the market at that time but currently Ripple is known as volatile in nature.

Gold Chart 4

Ripple was at the peak of value $3 in December but as soon as 2018 started Ripple (XRP) hit fluctuation and plunged all the way to $0.50. It is known as one of the major crash of the year but still from that point Ripple is unable to cross the barrier of $2. It’s keep fluctuating between $1 and $0.90.

Ripple has already signed up more than 100 partners for its support and network including major banks for the ease of payment transfer. Still, when it comes to transferring fiat currencies like Yen and Dollar, banks don’t have to use XRP token for the cheap and faster transfer.

This swing in price is profitable for some people while a loss for some. XRP has proved itself to be volatile during a financial crisis and it’s extremely volatile than bitcoin and Ethereum which makes every investment venture and profitable equally.

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